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Metal tile product advantages

May. 28, 2020

Long life: The metal tile adopts high-quality imported or domestic steel plate as substrate, and the surface is coated with seven layers of aluminum-zinc coating, polymer resin, and natural stone, which makes it have super high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and light resistance. , anti-corrosion, anti-aging properties and long service life;

Beautiful appearance: The metal tile has two kinds of European and Chinese tile types. After the paving, the building roof can have a smooth sense of curves, an orderly layered texture and a thick sense of natural stone. It can perfectly show the difference between Western architecture and Oriental architecture. Architectural beauty, enhance the taste and grade of the building;

Color diversity: There are more than ten kinds of metal tiles to choose from, which can fully realize the harmony of roof and wall, architecture and environment;

Cost-effective: The area of the metal tile is light and easy to transport, and the dry process can also be used in the cold season, minimizing the consumption of auxiliary materials, saving the transportation cost, reducing the material consumption, improving the construction efficiency, and reducing the project costs;

Environmental protection: Metal tiles are made of metal plates, natural stone particles, water-based acrylic resins and other non-toxic and environmentally-friendly materials. They are truly environmentally-friendly products.

The construction is simple: The thickness and weight of the metal tile is only about 1/6 that of the ordinary cement tile and ceramic tile. It is very light, and it is easy to cut and bent. It also has matching node fittings, making the construction easier, faster and easier. It is also very convenient for high-rise buildings and steeply-sloping buildings.

Solid and secure: The unique waterproof, windproof and nailing design makes the fit between tile and tile more tight, and the connection between tile and roof is more solid. The roof system made of metal tiles is extremely resistant to heavy rain, heavy snow, and strong wind. Ability;

Metal tile product advantages

The characteristics of metal tiles (compared to traditional terracotta, asphalt shingles, cement tiles, etc.):

Metal tile product advantages

Construction Convenience - light weight, large area, simple accessories, greatly reduce the construction strength, shorten the construction time.

Environmental protection - metal tiles can be reused to reduce waste disposal costs.

Wind resistance - typhoon or hail and strong winds are also very safe to use. (but it must be strictly constructed)

Fire resistance - Fire will not spread, use safety.

Lightweight - light weight, reducing the weight of the building.

Economic type - construction on the roof of an old building does not require removal of any roofing material and can be directly constructed, minimizing waste disposal costs.

Anti-fall snow - The metal tile is rugged, with a layer of natural stone on the surface. When it is snowing in winter, the snow will not be slippery.

Thermal Insulation - The metal tile consists of a base steel plate and natural stone grains, so it can inhibit the temperature from rising rapidly during the summer.

Durability - The metal tile is made of corrosion-resistant zinc-plated steel plate and natural color stone particles to ensure its long life.

Metal tile product advantages

Noise reduction - The natural color stone layer on the surface of metal tile can absorb rain sound and reduce noise.

Earthquake Resistance - When an earthquake occurs, metal tiles do not slide like ordinary tiles, reducing the number of injuries.

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