Stone Coated Chip Roof Tile

roofing shingles/colorful roof tile

Product Description

roofing shingles/colorful roof tile

Color Stone Coated metal Roof is based on Al-Zn(Known as Zincalume or Galvalume steel)steel. The before and after protective film treatment, together With high precision pressure-shaped gravel ensure the roof to be the best roofing material. Coated With an alloy composed of Al 55%, Zn 43.4%,Si 1.6%, with Non-toxic acrylic adhesive and natural stone, Color Stone Coated metal Roof provides the advantages of long life, strength, durability and beauty.





Color Stone coated Metal steel roofing tile


1 Raw material of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1)Galvalume steel sheet :0.4mm/0.45mm/0.5mm

(2)Colorful stone chips


2 Size of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1) overall size:1170mm*420mm/1350mm*420mm/1340mm*420mm

(2) valid size:1070mm*380mm/1280mm*380mm


3 Acreage of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1) acreage per tile:0.486/0.410SQM

(2)tiles per square meter:2.4pcs/2.1


4 Weight of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1) weight per tile:2.30KG/2.6KG/2.8KG

(2) weight per square meter:5.52KG/5.46KG/5.8KG


5 Packing and loading of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1) package:400-600pcs/package

(2) loading:8000-10500pcs/20ft container with accessories


6 Color of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1) normal color:Red; red&black; black; coffee; green; dark green; charcoal black; brown; gray; blue.

(2) special color:Can be produced as request


7 Advantage of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1) Aesthetic: two models: heritage tile/classic tile/shingle tile/roman tile/shake tile/moden tile, more than 12 colors.

(2) durable:can endure high temperature and low temperature, can resist bad weathers. Zinc-aluminum coating and stone chip coating can anti-corrupt effectively;

(3) sound and heat insulation: the stone chip can reduce the sound effectively, and can hold back the heat;

(4)easy installations:easy to be folded, easy to cut.

(5) light in weight:the unit weight is about 2.3-2.7kg/piece, just 1/6 as concrete/ clay tile. Easy to be be transported and installed.


8 Accessories of Stone coated steel roofing tile

(1)   Ridge Cap

(2)   Angle Ridge Tile

(3)   Quadrate Ridge Tile

(4)   Eaves Tile

(5)   Side Flashing

(6)   Gable Tile

(7)   Valley Tile

(8)   Flat Sheet

(9)   Nails (136pcs,50mm)




Pt Roof company has 6 kinds of tiles for you to choose:


1. Heritage Tile


2.Classic Tile


3.Shingle Tile


4.Shake Tile

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