Business Founder

As the Buddhism goes

“ A flower is a world and a grass is a heaven.”
It’s a consummate philosophy of life and a suddenly enlightened realm of life.
Likewise , a tile, albeit small, undertakes historical transition of thousands of years and congregates;
The wisdom and sweat of countless sages and successors. We produces tiles but alter our life and even our surroundings.

As early as in the Neolithic Age some 8000 years ago, our ancestors unfolded the glistering chapter of ceramic cultural history of China with their wisdom and painstaking efforts.


Such legends as “pottery made by Gods during cultivation”, “pottery made in the river side by Shun”, “pottery made by Ning Feng Zi to Yellow Emperor’, “ human-making out of claying by Nuwa” and son are deviated out of worship by the descendants to echo in their memorization of the passing old ages.


Bricks in Qin Dynasty, tiles in Han Dynasty pottery in Tang Dynasty and porcelain in Song Dynasty empower the glory of ancient civilization of the China.


As the historical icons of a city, buildings both ushers in the mystical tunnels leading to the pass and opens the gateway of brilliant future.


As a important building materials, tiles are still favored by mankind after thousands of years.


What is changings is the gradually consummated designing and technique.


What remains unchanged is the breath shared with the city and relieving of nature to mother nature.


Working in Jiatai ceramic (Guangzhou) co.,ltd was jointly established by KIG, Singapore and Tianjin Taida Group. Its was China top one leading ceramic roofing tile factory. Guangzhou zengcheng production base was established at 1994.


I partook that Foshan Jiadingsheng Glazed roofing tile co.,ltd established and the second production base for Sanshui, Foshan was set up.


I study Korea and New-Zealand stone chip coated steel roof tile factories, and established the third production line for metal roof tile in China. The virgin factory was set up in Sanshui, Foshan.


We purchased 2 acres land and build our latest factory for metal roofing tile production base.